24 Nov 2016

Bond in Las Vegas - The Strip

The Union 76 gas station is now a Circle K

In Diamonds are Forever, Bond rents a car in Las Vegas and waits for Tiffany Case to meet him with the diamonds. Bond is waiting at the Hertz' car rental agency which is located along the famous Strip in Las Vegas. This location is possible to identify thanks to a few signs seen in the background as Felix Leiter's car arrives. The sausage shaped "Holiday sign" can still be found on location, today with the wording "Fun City".

A large sign that says Bagdad Inn can also be seen in the background as Felix arrives. Bagdad Inn was a motel dating from the 1950's that was located on 2211 South Las Vegas Blvd. That motel is now called Holiday House, seen in the picture to the left. However, it is the buildings and the chapel next to Bagdad Inn that can be seen in the film. Those are the green buildings with yellow and red doors across the street. Next to the green buildings is a small chapel located, called Chapel of the Bells.

In the film, the Hertz car rental agency was located next to a Union 76 gas station. That gas station can still be found at this location, although it has changed name to Circle K.  

The Union 76 gas station has changed name to Circle K

This location is very close to one of the landmark buildings in Las Vegas, the Stratosphere. The parking lot where Bond is waiting can be found on 2310 South Las Vegas Boulevard next to the Circle K gas station. Whether Hertz actually has an office at this location is unknown.

17 Nov 2016

Back to the Jewelry store - Joalharia Ferreira Marques

Before the marriage with Tracy, Bond drives back to the jewelry store in Lisbon, where he and Tracy earlier have spotted the ring that Tracy will receive as her wedding ring at the ceremony. The jewelry store is known as Joalharia Ferreira Marques, founded in 1926.

Bond is driving down on Rua Áurea and is arriving on Praça Dom Pedro IV where the shop is located. A taxi is seen in the background. The light green and black Lisbon taxis still have the same color scheme today. The shop is located in the Rossio district in central Lisbon, namely on Praça Dom Pedro IV,  No. 7-9. It is easy to find and a must visit when in Lisbon.

This shop has remained unchanged but the location has changed a little. The street in front of the shop where Bond parks his car has been converted to a pedestrian zone and is no longer possible to drive down. However, you can still park in the big square in front of the shop.