12 Aug 2015

Greek dance square - Corfu town, part 3

When Melina and Bond goes shopping in Corfu town in For Your Eyes Only 1981, they walk past a few famous tourist attractions in Corfu town, such as the Saint Spyridon church , covered earlier. However, they also stop briefly at what appears to be a small town square where two Greek men are performing a traditional Greek dance.

This is actually not a town square, but rather just a street crossing in front of a small church. This location can, not unexpectedly, be found almost in the middle of the city centre. If you walk down Nikiforou Theotoki, coming from Liston, you will find the place on your left after ca 200 meters.

Bond and Melina stop for a few seconds to observe the Greek dance and then proceed to Pl. Leonida Vlachou and the Maitland rotunda. Today, you find a restaurant called Basilico facing the place where the Greek men danced. Not much else can be said about this small square other than that it is probably the least known Bond location in Corfu, only seen for a couple of seconds in the film.

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