27 Apr 2017

St Mark's Square, Venini and Piazzetta dei leoncini in Moonraker

Bond standing by St Mark's Square entering the smaller Piazzetta dei Leoncini 

In Moonraker, Bond, in the guise of Roger Moore, walks across St Marc's square on his way to Venini Glass, following a lead from California. A marble lion statue is seen to the right of Bond as he looks at his photos in front of Venini Glass. Venini is located by a small square called Piazzetta dei Leoncini, right next to St Mark's square.

Small steps leads up to Piazzetta dei Leoncini and Venini Glass

Piazzetta dei Leoncini is located on the north side of the St Mark's Basilica, immediately east of St Mark's square. 

On the morning after, Bond has called in M and the minister of Defense and alerted the local police about of Drax's secret laboratory. The police has sealed off the Piazzetta dei leoncini as Bond arrives with the two superiors. Just like in the film, the Venini Glass shop is located right by the square.

Earlier in the film, Bond drives across St Mark's square for another jolt, this time in his gondola-turned-hovercraft, one of the most stupid scenes in the Bond series.

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