13 Nov 2011

S:t Petersburg square / Somerset House, London

Hand me that wrench Jimmy!
Tomorrow never dies was actually the second time Brosnan visited Somerset House during his Bond career. The first time was in GoldenEye when Jack Wade's car broke down in the middle of a square in S:t Petersburg. This scene was also filmed in the courtyard of Somerset House covered in the last post. The filmmakers very cleverly used the couryard and some Russian cars to create the feeling of a busy Russian roundabout.
A lot of the locations that doubled for Russia can be found in and around London, such as the church "Our lady of Smolensk", "Grand hotel Europe" (covered earlier), The interior of "Lady of Smolensk", "S:t Petersburg airport", the 'meeting room' with the defence council and minister Mishkin and "S:t Petersburg train station". All these locations will be covered later.

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