8 Dec 2013

The Thomas Crown Residence

The one character that Brosnan played that comes closest to James Bond is undoubtedly the suave gentleman thief in The Thomas Crown Affair. The film was produced in 1999, the same year as The World is not Enough, when Brosnan probably stood at the height of his Bond career. Therefore I thought it appropriate to include this film on the blog.
Thomas Crown is a self made billionaire who lives in a townhouse in Manhattan. The exterior is pictured on several occasions, for instance when Detective McCann arrives with his warrant to try to make a search and later in the film when Catherine Banning and her crew breaks in to the house.
The Thomas Crown townhouse is located on the upper east side. The address is never mentioned in the film but when Crown leaves the Metropolitan museum after stealing the Monet he tells the cab driver to go to 68th and Lexington. This is quite far from the real address though so Crown would have to walk about three blocks before reaching home.
The townhouse is actually located on 18 East 68th street, a part of the street that runs between Madison Avenue and 5th. It is still very recognizable and needless to say, his house on the upper east side is located in the most exclusive part of Manhattan.

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