9 May 2012

Police convoy through London

Bank underground station to the left
In Tomorrow never dies, Bond and M are traveling through London, supposedly back to Mi6 after their meeting at the Ministry of defense. M's Daimler is escorted by police motorcycles, stopping the traffic from the intersecting streets. A very credible scene. The first view is picturing The Bank of England Museum and the Royal Exchange building, opposite 'Bank station'.
The Bank of England in the background

M's Daimler is coming in from Prince's street (to the left of the Bank of England) and continues down Poultry. A police motorcycle is stopping the traffic from Queen Victoria street. Bond and M are supposed to come from the Ministry of Defense which makes it strange that the car is driving past Bank station. Both the Ministry and Mi6 are situated far from this part of the city and the only reason must be that they wanted to picture a typical "London view". Either that or create the conception that the Ministry of Defense is the building that really is the Bank of England.

"The Gherkin" is seen in the background behind the Royal Exchange building. This iconic building was completed in 2003, hence it is not visible in Tomorrow, 1997. It is a very short scene in the film and a trip to Bank station just to get the view is probably not worth the trouble. But a good idea is that you start at the Bank and walk down Queen Victoria, because eventually you will get to The College of Arms, which of course is a must see location when one is in London.

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