9 Sep 2013

Surroundings of Royale

After preparing for the poker game in his hotel suite, Bond is walking down the short path from the Hotel Splendide over to the casino. The majestic casino building is in reality a former spa that has been closed for several years. Known as Lazne 1, the former Kaiserbad Spa is definitely one of the most beautiful buildings in Karlovy Vary. It is located only a few minutes from Bond's hotel, both in the film and in reality. The building is in fact in rather poor condition but was beautifully redone for the film.

Bond walking up to the casino.

Everything is filmed on location and the path leading up to the casino can be found in the park right in front of the casino building. Grandhotel Pupp is visible in the background. On the other side of the park you can find several luxury hotels and beautiful apartment buildings.

The path leading up to Casino Royale. Hotel Splendide in the background. 

In order to reach the path leading up to the casino, Bond would have to cross the river using the bridge in the left picture. In the background is the most southern part of Grandhotell Pupp and the Pupp Casino. It is from one of these balconies overlooking the car park, that Bond and Mathis observe the Montenegro police when they find Obanno in the trunk.

"There are dinner jackets and dinner jackets... This is the latter."
                               -Vesper to Bond-

Beautifully situated by the Teplá river. 

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