14 Oct 2013

The Persuaders! - Djurgårdsbron

In honour of Sir Roger Moore, who celebrates his birthday today, I will make yet another post from The Persuaders! and the episode that starts off in the Capital of Scandinavia. 
The first part of the episode "The morning after" takes place in Stockholm where Lord Sinclair wakes up at Grand Hôtel discovering he is married. 

Brett and Danny are on their way to the parish office (covered earlier) in a taxi and during the ride we see one of the most exclusive parts of the city. They are driven across Djurgårdsbron over to Djurgården, or 'The Royal Game Park'. The name stems from the game park of King Johan III, which he created in 1579. Since the 15th century the Swedish monarch has owned or held the right of disposition of Royal Djurgården. In the early 19th century, Djurgården developed into a stately residential area when a few foreign dignitaries were given some exclusive land plots. 

In the background you see the buildings along the boulevard Strandvägen, one of the most prestigious addresses in Stockholm along with Djurgården. The boulevard Strandvägen and the bridge to Djurgården were constructed just in time for the Stockholm World's fair in 1897. Part of the bridge and Strandvägen are visible behind Brett and Danny when riding in the taxi. The building used as the parish office is located in the opposite direction so ultimately they are going the wrong way.

This area, including Djurgården is truly a beautiful part of Stockholm and a walk along Strandvägen is highly recommended. If you continue down Strandvägen you will ultimately reach the commercial center and the Royal Dramatic Theatre.

Congratulations to Sir Roger Moore who turns 86 today, 14 October 2013!  
To one of the nicest persons in the world, long may he live! 

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