14 Jan 2014

The Splendide parking - Grandhotel Pupp exterior, part two

Welcome back to a new year with James Bond Locations! 2014 starts off in Karlovy Vary, the Czech town that doubled for Montenegro in Casino Royale.

After killing General Obano and his right hand man, Bond hides the bodies in a closet at the bottom of the stairway at the Hotel Splendide. Mathis removes the bodies and hides them in a car at the hotel parking lot. The next morning, Bond and Mathis are watching the car park from the suite balcony.

This building is one part of the Grandhotel Pupp complex, but not the same building as where the reception is located. The hotel has two different sections, a five star and a four star section. Bond and Vesper arrive at the five star section of the hotel and check in at the reception. But given the view from the balcony, it appears that Bond and Vesper are accommodated in the four star section. Of course this distinction is not made in the film and you get the impression that all the buildings are connected. But in reality the four star section has its own reception.

The same part of the hotel can be seen when Le Chiffre's car speeds away from the hotel after Vesper's kidnapping.

The building to the left is the four star section.

"-Did you have any trouble with the bodies?
      -Less than some..." 
      -Bond to Mathis-

Mathis has hidden the bodies in the boot of a car parked at the Hotel Splendide parking lot. He has alerted the local police and they find the bodies when examining the car. Consequently, one of Le Chiffre's men is being arrested. This parking lot belongs to the Grandhotel Pupp and has staff on duty around the clock. It is also the same parking where Bond finds his Aston parked earlier in the film.

The car where the bodies are found is parked next to a manhole in the parking lot, which makes the exact parking space possible to identify.

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