1 Feb 2015

Gibraltar guard post

The car chase during the pre-title sequence of The Living Daylights starts off at a guard post somewhere on the top of Gibraltar. Bond hears the unknown assassin kill one of the S.A.S. soldiers and runs after him as he drives off in the stolen Land Rover. Just like in the film, the radar installations that can be found on the northern top of Gibraltar, is still patrolled by the British forces and not accessible for tourists. 

As Bond runs towards the gate, the S.A.S. guard shoots paint at Bond thinking it is part of the exercise. This guard post and the gate can be found on the northern part of the rock, more specifically where the 'Rock Gun Road' intersects with 'Signal Station Road' close to the northern top. The road up to the right, the road where Dalton is running, is still off limits for tourists. The blue/red/blue sign that can be found on the gate today, is the sign of the British forces in Gibraltar. This road is probably Ministry of Defense property.

The S.A.S. guard is played by the renowned stunt man and stunt actor Paul Weston. Paul had actually begun his career in The Saint with Sir Roger in the 60's and started working in the Bond series already in On Her Majesty's Secret Service in 1969. But he would continue to do stunts for the Bond series for the next five decades.

       "Here, hold on you're dead!"

He doubled for Jaws, jumping between the cable cars in Moonraker, he fought Bond and Columbo at the monastery in For Your Eyes Only and he doubled for Sir Roger on top of the train in Octopussy. He returned for The Living Daylights and License to Kill and even came back to do stunts for Skyfall. He has been both a stunt coordinator and a 2nd Unit Director throughout his career.

Paul is charming and a great entertainer. I met him in September 2014 when he was in Stockholm for a charity Bond gala event in connection with the ten year anniversary of the Swedish Bond site "From Sweden With Love". He was there together with John Glen, Kristina Wayborn, Robert Davi, John Moreno, Mary Stavin and many other cast and crew from the Bond family. It was a great pleasure to see him teach the audience stunts on stage during the dinner.

Paul Weston is also a friend of Pierce Brosnan and did stunts in both Remington Steele, Death TrainRaiders of the lost ark among many many more.

But of all the dozens of movies during the past five decades, Paul will of course always be most appreciated and remembered for his work on the Bond series and it would be nice to see him on the big screen in another Bond cameo in the future.

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