16 Feb 2015

Rolls Royce through Istanbul

After arriving in Istanbul, Bond is picked up by the chauffeur of Kerim and driven across town to Kerim's office. Kerim's car is a 1958 Rolls Royce Silver Wraith. On the way to the office they pass some typical Ottoman houses and large tower next to a big wall. This street can be found in the Sultanahmet District, right in the heart of the oldest part of Istanbul.

The larger street is Alemdar Caddesi and the Rolls is coming down Soğuk Çeşme Sokak. The wooden houses on the left side of the street are built in the traditional Ottoman style that still can be found in a few places throughout the city. The ground floor has been renovated since 1963 and converted to a cafe. The two minarets visible over the rooftops belongs to the Hagia Sophia, that is located only a few hundred meters from this location.

Right opposite the Ottoman houses is one of the famous round rococo kiosks that can be found throughout Istanbul. One of these kiosks also plays a part later in the film, as a cover for Bond and Kerim during the assassination of Krilencu.

"On one condition. That you went out to Istanbul and brought her and the machine back to England."
- M to Bond in London - 

The stone wall and tower to the left of the Rolls Royce is part the south western wall that runs around the Topkapi Palace. This palace was the primary residence of the Ottoman sultans for almost 400 years until 1856, when the ruling sultan decided to move the royal residence to the newly built Dolmabahçe Palace, on the shore of the Bosporus. The Dolmabahçe Palace is briefly visible behind Bond and Tania during their boat ride on the Bosporus and will be covered later.

The Rolls Royce street is today a walking street and not possible to drive down anymore. Other than that, this location has been fairly untouched since the 1960's, primarily because of its location in the oldest part of Istanbul. The cafe on the corner is a good place to have a break and to enjoy a medium sweet coffee and perhaps some Turkish delights. If you continue down the larger Alemdar Caddesi and take a left down on Ebussuut Caddesi you will, after a ten minute walk, reach the Sirkeci Railway Station, the end station for the famous Orient Express and the railway station from where Bond and Tania leave Istanbul. Another magnificent location that will be covered later.

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