12 Mar 2016

Corfu Town - Gonzales' fly-by

The UNESCO World Heritage site of Corfu Town
Before flying over Paleokastritsa and arriving at Melina's parents yacht, anchored in Kalami Bay, Gonzales flies the seaplane over Corfu Town and the old fortress in the first scene. An overview of the centre of the town, which today is listed as a UNESCO World Heritage site is briefly visible as Gonzales flies over.

You have the most beautiful view over the city from the top of the old fortress.

The big open field is the cricket field, a hangover from the British rule which spanned for 50 years during the first half of the 1800's. Corfu still has an official cricket team.

Gonzales' first fly-by over Corfu town sets the scene and the tone of the movie. You immediately feel the warm climate of the Greek islands.

"With that in mind I have already contacted our usual friend in Greece. Da."
                  - General Gogol, ordering the recovery of the A.T.A.C. transmitter - 

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