13 Sep 2016

Joalharia Ferreira Marques, Lisbon - Bond's jewelry store

Bond and Tracy are walking around central Lisbon during the love scenes in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. They walk past a jewelry store in Lisbon where Tracy spots a ring in the window. Bond later purchases that ring and give it to Tracy on their wedding day.

The Joalharia Ferreira Marques, Filhos jewelry store is located in downtown Rossio in Lisbon, namely on Praça Dom Pedro IV,  No. 7-9. The Art Noveau facade of the shop has remained unchanged since Bond was in 1969 although the street in front of the shop has been widened and the pavement has been slightly altered. 

The jewelry store was founded in 1926 by Adriano Ferreira Marques, the great-grandfather to the current co-owner José Filipe Marques. The Ferreira Marques family, originally from Porto, are linked to the manufacturing of jewelry from the late nineteenth century. When decorative silver fell into disuse, the store began to focus on brand watches and designer jewelry. Until 1974, Joalharia Ferreira Marques also kept a shop in Porto, before it began to focus the activity in the Rossio store in Lisbon.

The ring Tracy receives shortly before her death
The display in 2016 - the ring with flower motif recalls the flower theme in OHMSS
The shop is naturally a must visit when in Lisbon. Most of the jewelry is expensive, but for instance there are rings that cost less than €100, which definitely is worth getting for a lady that does not settle for a tulip.

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