25 Feb 2018

Bond's shaving kit in Skyfall

The brush seen in the prop display is a hair brush from Geo. F. Trumper
The mystery of Bond's shaving kit Skyfall seems to have been solved by two dedicated Bond fans as was reported by Jamesbondlifestyle earlier this month. Identification was made possible thanks to a prop display at the Omega boutique on Regent Street in London. The two then managed to track down the different accessories from different shaving boutiques. The research appears to be quite extensive.

Pictures and the full article on the Skyfall shaving set can be read at the James Bond lifestyle website.
Dovo Solingen straight razor with buffalo horn
Black Geo. F. Trumper bowl, with Eucris scent.
The choice of Eucris fragrance in Skyfall, which was the 50th anniversary film, was probably deliberate by the filmmakers since Eucris is mentioned by Ian Fleming in his novel 'On Her Majesty's Secret Service' in 1963.

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