4 Mar 2018

Slumber Inc. - Garden of remembrance, Las Vegas

In Diamonds are Forever Bond travels to LAX and on to Las Vegas with the dead Peter Franks in a coffin. Bond ends up at Slumber Inc., a mortuary and chapel supposedly located outside of Las Vegas.

After cremating Peter Franks, Bond receives the urn with the diamonds and is told by Mr Slumber that a private niche is reserved in their garden of remembrance. The location has remained more or less untouched since 1971 and the garden of remembrance is open to the public.

The scenes were filmed at the 'Palm downtown cemetery' at 1325 North Main Street in Las Vegas. It is located in downtown Las Vegas, quite off the Strip, approximately 1 km north of the Golden Nugget and the Freemont Street which is the classic part of downtown Vegas.

Mr Wint and Mr Kidd are arranging flowers at a nearby niche when Bond walks past. Wint and Kidd have been sent out to kill Bond, believing that he is Peter Franks.

After collecting his $50,000 from the niche with the chartreuse curtains Bond is struck down by Wint and Kidd and ends up in a coffin. Afterwards, Shady Tree collects the fake diamonds from the niche where Bond has left them in exchange for the money.

The exterior of Slumber's funeral parlor was not filmed on the same location as the garden of remembrance but at the Palm Henderson Mortuary in Henderson just outside of Las Vegas. The exterior has been covered here earlier.

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