22 Oct 2011

Oh Cult Voodoo Shop - New York

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After the killings of three agents from Mi6, Bond is sent to New York. The murders are linked to Kananga, Prime minister of an Island in the Caribbean, San Monique, who is currently visiting the United Nations. After arriving with Pan Am, CIA agent Charlie picks up Bond at the J.F.K airport. They're driving along Franklin D. Roosevelt drive when Whisper comes along in his Cadillac 'pimpmobile' and assassinates Charlie. The trail leads to the Oh Cult Voodoo shop.
Felix Leiter informs Bond from his office that the Cadillac is registered to a shop on 33 east 65th street. This address is actually correct and here, on the upper east side, you can still find the building. Today the ground floor houses 'Michael Dawkins', an exclusive boutique that sells hand crafted jewelry. Times have changed since 1973 and the Upper East Side is now one of the most expensive areas in Manhattan but the building and garage door from which Bond comes out is still very recognizable.

The owner was outside smoking and he asked why I was taking pictures of his shop. Apparently he was not aware of the part his shop played in the film some 35 years ago, and I was happy to enlighten him.
We also get a brief glimpse of the CIA office, from where Leiter and his people are watching Kananga's San Monique embassy. The building which is zoomed in on has been demolished and replaced with a skyscraper and the location is recognizeable only through the building in front of it. The view can be found on South street looking into Wall street.

When Leiter informs Bond about the shop on 65th street he also says 'it's only a block away from here'. This is not true however, because this view is found on the southern part of Manhattan. A factual error made by the film makers.

The same view and narrow building is also briefly visible in the Pierce Brosnan movie 'The Thomas Crown affair' when Brosnan is walking to his office after a quick visit at the Metropolitan Museum.

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