6 Oct 2011

The Mercedes car chase / Old fortress, Corfu - part 2

After Loque has blown up the warehouse in 'Albania', Bond starts chasing him on foot. The entire chase and finale was filmed at the Old fortress in Corfu, covered earlier. Here the filmmakers very cleverly used various angles and spots to give the chase continuity when it's actually filmed on several different locations around the fortress.
Immediately to the left when you walk into the area, past the British barracks you see the clock tower. The road to the left leads up to the tunnels that were used during the chase and it's in one of these tunnels that Loque is about to run over Bond with his Mercedes (driving in from the other side). The tunnel is very narrow and it's hard to see how they could fit the Mercedes into it. Walking thru this tunnel you eventually get out the same place where Loque is driving in.
The stone stairs used by Bond can also be found here, right behind the white barracks that is seen above 'the warehouse' from the northen side. This white building has been removed in the movie as you can see below.
The stairs are found close to the tunnel and just above the Warehouse, but the place where Bond is coming out was filmed at a different place of the fortress. The chase later ends at the very eastern part. Here you can find the stone gate where Bond finally shoots Loque and the cliff where he avenges Ferrara by kicking Loque's car over the cliff. This magnificent location will be covered later.
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