17 Jun 2014

Brushing up a little Danish... - Oxford, England

"You always were a cunning linguist James..."

In Tomorrow Never Dies, Bond goes to Oxford for a little Danish lesson. When there is a situation at the Ministry of Defense Bond, in bed with the Danish teacher prof. Inga Bergstrom, is immediately called in by Moneypenny. The establishing shot over Oxford shows 'Brasenose College' on Radcliffe Sq. The language faculty however is located in another building, shown in the next scene.

Bond's Aston Martin is seen parked just outside the main front entrance of 'New College Oxford'. Despite the name, New College is one of the oldest of the Oxford colleges, founded in 1379 by William of WykehamBishop of Winchester. The original name was "The College of St Mary of Winchester in Oxford". 

"Det er en fornojelse at lære sig at hantere et nyt tunge, professor..."
                          -Bond speaks Danish with prof. Bergstrom-

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