2 Jun 2014

The College of Arms entrance hall

"The real Bleauchamps are without earlobes."

Interesting to find the old South African apartheid flag on the wall...
In On Her Majesty's Secret Service, Bond meets with Sir Hilary Bray Baronet at the College of Arms in London. Sir Hilary is the Sable Basilisk of the College and he has been contacted by the Gebrüder Gumbold in Bern who is Blofeld's solicitor in Switzerland, in order for him to establish Blofeld's claim to the title "Count de Bleauchamp". Bond arranges to take Sir Hilary's place and act as the College's representative in Switzerland.

The exterior of the College features rather prominently in the film, when Bond parks his Aston outside, covered in an earlier post. One interior scene however, was probably also filmed on location, namely the entrance hall on the first floor. Bond walks past the railing and a big throne can be seen in the background. The entrance hall in the films is so detailed that it must have been filmed on location. The rest of the interior scenes were probably filmed in studio where Sir Hilary's office and the hallway was recreated by Production Designer Syd Cain, who I must say did a magnificent job in the film.

Sir Hilary shows the coat of arms of Sir Thomas Bond, with the famous family motto - "The world is not enough".

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