1 Dec 2015

Skyfall Embankment station - London

In Skyfall, Silva escapes from the custody of Mi6 and down in the London underground tunnels. Bond pursuits Silva on the tube which evidently is hard during rush hour. Silva gets off the tube, escapes though a service entrance and supposedly emerges at Embankment station, located at Northumberland Avenue. The entrance to Embankment is seen in the background as Silva is being picked up by two of his henchmen.

However, the notably round building doubling for Embankment station is in reality one of the entrances to Charing Cross station, which is located above the real Embankment tube station. Thus, the building is not an underground station entrance. On top of the round building is instead Charing Cross station and through the tunnel, visible to the right in the above picture, is the real Embankment station.

We are supposed to get the impression that the Embankment station is located close to M's public hearing which supposedly is taking place somewhere in Whitehall. However, the building that was used for M's hearing is in reality located at Trinity Square, covered here earlier. This building is located close to the Tower of London, and thus not at all within normal running distance from Westminster.

Silva is coming up from some kind of service entrance from the underground before getting into the police car. It is unclear where the steps lead to that Silva is coming up from. Seen through the fence, when Silva is coming out, is the beautiful park Whitehall Gardens.

A fictitious Underground sign was put up on the metal frame above the stairs.

Silva is coming up from some steps next to a small building located at the intersection of Whitehall Place and Northumberland Avenue right at the corner of Corinthia Hotel.

Corinthia Hotel is actually another lesser known Bond location. This was namely the hotel where the Spectre cast stayed when they were in London for the premiere. When visiting London for the premiere with some friends we were fortunate enough to have tea in the lobby at Corinthia and actually came across both Christoph Waltz, also having tea at the time, Lea Seydoux having some red wine with a few friends, and Craig (!) having neither tea nor wine but only rushing through the lobby...

It was a memorable afternoon tea I can assure you.

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  1. It looks that it is very lucky place for James Bond fans to meet famous actors. When I was there two weeks ago taking pictures for my own 007 blog I saw actor Matthew Perry (Chandler from "Friends")leaving Playhouse Theatre