26 Jan 2016

Spectre car chase - Rome

After escaping from the Spectre meeting at the Palazzo Cadenza in Rome, Bond drives off in his prototype Aston Martin DB10 through the streets of Rome. Bond is pursued by Hinx in his monstrous Jaguar. The car chase was filmed on several different parts of Rome, but one of the more notable locations during the chase is undoubtedly St. Peter's Church which makes up the heart of the Vatican City.

The filming in Rome kicked off on 19 February 2015, when shooting of the funeral scene began in the EUR district just outside of the city centre, which is covered here. The car chase was filmed at night during the following weeks in February and March.

Bond and Hinx are coming in from Via S. Pio X from the south and continues down Via della Conciliazione, which is the long wide street that leads all the way up to the Vatican from the river Tiber.

St. Peter's Basilica, or St. Peter's Church, is located at Piazza San Pietro which constitutes the south-east corner of the Vatican City. Bond and Hinx are speeding across the piazza and down the street to the right of Bernini's colonnade, the large wing that expands from the Basilica on the right side.

Bond and Hinx are passing one of the biggest churches in the world and S:t Peter's Church is also the most important for the Christian world. It was completed in 1626 and is visible from almost every part of the city.

Bond learns from donna Lucia that the Spectre meeting is taking place at the "Palazzo Cadenza" in Rome. The exterior of the Palazzo Cadenza was actually filmed at Blenheim Palace in the UK. The scenes with Bond driving off from the palace was juxtaposed with the following high speed chase in Rome.

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