23 May 2017

In loving memory of Sir Roger Moore, KBE.

14 October 1927 - 23 May 2017 
Today we received the tragic news about the passing away of the last gentleman. Sir Roger has died, 89 years old.

As the first Bond actor to pass away, leaving the other five behind, Sir Roger Moore has done a lot for the Bond series as well as the world and it is with a heavy heart that I note just a few of his more notable achievements. He remained active well into his 90th year and appeared in his last show in November 2016.

Sir Roger became a star in the early 60's, as Simon Templar in the TV-series The Saint which run between 1962-1969. During the early years of the 70's he starred alongside Tony Curtis in The Persuaders! playing the suave playboy Lord Brett Sinclair. Apparently the filming did not went very smoothly with Curtis frequently smoking marijuana and behaving badly throughout but it nonetheless seems like they were having a good time and Sir Roger proved that he was made for the role, delivering countless classics throughout the series.
"Brett to my friends, but you can call me darling..."

Sir Roger turned down a second season of The Persuaders! in anticipation of becoming Bond.  
"When I go, I go tidy..." - Lord Sinclair in the episode Five Miles to Midnight -
In 1973 he became James Bond, taking the mantle from Sean Connery after his return to the role after George's one time outing in On Her Majesty's Secret Service. Thanks to Sir Roger's lighter touch, the Bond series survived the 70's and brought Bond back to his roots in the early 80's with For Your Eyes Only and Octopussy. Despite considering himself as highly overpaid and not a very good actor, Sir Roger undeniably gave us a few of the best Bond films in the series with For Your Eyes Only and The Spy Who Loved me.

Sir Roger became a UNICEF goodwill ambassador in 1991 after being urged by his friend Audrey Hepburn who also had worked for the organisation. He considered his passionate work for UNICEF to be his greatest achievement, for which he received a knighthood in 1999, fist becoming Commander of the Most Excellent Order of the British Empire and then becoming a Knight in 2003. It was thanks to Sir Roger that I myself have supported UNICEF monthly since 2010.

Thank you Sir Roger. 

Saint, Persuader and the suavest James Bond is no moore. 

As a tribute I post Judi Dench's version of Send in the Clowns.

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