7 May 2017

Slumber Inc.

The exterior of the Slumber Inc. funeral parlor in Las Vegas, seen in Diamonds are Forever, was filmed at the Palm Henderson Mortuary and Cemetery in Henderson just outside of Las Vegas, Nevada. Palm Henderson is located only a short drive outside of the city and while on location, even the interior of the chapel is well worth a visit since it is very similar to the interior of the chapel seen in the film.

The chapel from Palm Henderson in 2016

It is hard to tell whether the interior shots of the chapel were filmed on a studio set since the chapel from the film looks very much like the real chapel found on location today. It is obvious that Ken Adam, the production designer, was inspired by the real chapel from his visit on location.

In the film, the body of Peter Franks is cremated in the chapel and Bond delivers the diamonds to a private niche in the garden of remembrance (actually filmed at another cemetery). Ultimately, Bond himself ends up in a coffin after being struck down by Wint and Kidd, ready to be cremated. In the last second he is pulled out by Mr Slumber and Shady Tree when they have discovered that the diamonds are phonies.

Palm Henderson Mortuary & Cemetery is located on 800 South Boulder Highway in Henderson.

"Now don't tell me. You're St Peter?"

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