19 Jun 2017

Venice - Bond's hotel suite

Establishing shot over Venice from 1963

The last scenes in From Russia With Love take place in Venice where Bond and Tania end up after escaping the Spectre agents on the Adriatic Sea. The establishing shot over Venice pictures the famous palazzo Ducale, the Doge's palace (which is the large pink/white palazzo in the middle of the top picture) and the Campanile on St Mark's Square (the large bell tower).

San Giorgio Maggiore is painted on the background
The island of San Giorgio Maggiore seen from St Mark's square - similar as "Bond's view"
Bond and Tania are staying in a hotel right by St Mark's square, with a nice view over the lagoon and the small island of San Giorgio Maggiore. Given the view from their balcony, they are probably staying at Hotel Danieli or another hotel close by the Danieli. The island San Giorgio Maggiore can be seen from both the Danieli and St Mark's square which are located on the largest, "main island", of Venice.

Since neither of the principal cast ever were in Venice for the filming of From Russia With Love, all the hotel scenes and the view through the window in Bond's suite were shot in studio in England. 

The view over Venice as you are about to land - always sit on the right side in the plane

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