2 Dec 2017

Coral Harbour Hotel - Nassau, Bahamas

In Thunderball, Bond is staying at a the Coral Harbour Hotel in Nassau. After escaping Largo's men and swimming ashore Bond is picked up on the road back to Nassau by Fiona Volpe in her light blue Ford Mustang, not knowing that she is a Spectre agent working for Largo. After a high speed drive on the Nassau roads, Bond and Fiona Volpe end up at his hotel, where she, coincidentally, also is staying. The Coral Harbour was a real hotel that was located on the southern part of Nassau in 1965.

The Coral Harbour Hotel has been out of business for decades. However, the original building still exist on location. It is now the only rest of this, probably once quite famous, hotel. The southern part of Nassau was probably a regularly visited tourist location in the 1950's and 60's but has since the 1970's fallen out of favour with tourists as Paradise Island on the northern part were more and more developed. Both the Ocean Club and the Atlantis complex are located on Paradise Island.

The lobby of the hotel was probably re-created in the studio at Pinewood, but a brief glimpse can be seen in the film through the entrance door behind Bond and Fiona Volpe. The stone wall seen behind Bond can sill be found inside the house.

The lonely hotel building is today part of the Royal Bahamian Defence Force Base and is used as a training facility and class room. The entire area have undergone vast renovations and the old pool area in the back of the hotel, where Bond and Domino are having lunch in the film, is gone forever. Hopefully, the original hotel building will be left untouched during the future renovations. Sadly, the entrance is the only recognisable part from the film today.

The entrance to the hotel is seen again later in the film when Bond is dropped off by Pinder after escaping the sharks in Largo's pool.

"- You look pale Mr Bond, I hope I didn't frighten you? 
                - You see I've always been a nervous passenger. 
  - Some men just doesn't like to be driven. 
                - No, some men don't like to be taken for a ride..."
                               - Fiona Volpe and Bond - 

As the building is located inside the military base it is not accessible for tourists and special admittance is necessary. The most interesting fact about this location is that the unfinished hotel structure used for the parkour chase in Casino Royale also is located on this military base!

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