3 Apr 2015

Bond's apartment - First glimpse after SPECTRE teaser trailer

To celebrate the premiere of the teaser trailer last Saturday, I will take the opportunity to cover the first location from Spectre. The first scenes were shot in Pinewood studios on 8 December 2014 and the first picture released was a picture of Bond's bulldog, Jack, which he inherited from M in Skyfall. Jack can now be seen in the trailer, sitting on Bond's living room table. At the same time we get the first glimpse of Bond's new apartment.
21A indicates that this scene will take place very early in the film. Another one of the early pictures reveals that one of the books in the pile of books in the living room is 'The birds of the West Indies'.

Principle filming of Spectre began on Monday 8 December 2014, and a few days later, on the evening of 15 December, Craig was on location in Notting Hill, filming some exterior shots of Bond's apartment. Naomi Harris was also spotted on location and from the trailer and a few of the earlier photos we learn that Miss Moneypenny is on her way to visit Bond and to hand over a few personal effects that the Mi6 forensic team has recovered from Skyfall.

The address is No. 1 Stanley Crescent in Notting Hill, which is a district in Royal Borough of Kensington and Chelsea. Notting Hill was once a cheap and alternative area of the city with low rents, but needless to say, the address today is located in a fashionable part of London.

This will only be the third time in the series that Bond's home has been featured in one of the films. The last time being Live and Let Die. In that film too, just like in Spectre, Miss Moneypenny came to see Bond at home. This is only one of many similarities between Live and Let Die and Spectre. The teaser poster features Craig in an outfit that is almost identical to what Sir Roger wore in his first outing in 1973.

The director, Sam Mendes, already on his second Bond film has stated that Live and Let Die was the first Bond film that he saw as a child, and it is obvious that Mendes, demonstrated by the success of Skyfall, now dares to go the hole hog. Several other Live and Let Die appellations can be expected.

It is apparent that Bond's partnership with Macallan that started with Skyfall will continue. Bond can be seen holding a glass of 18 year old Macallan in the trailer.


  1. I wonder if he'll obtain gadgetry in this outing? I miss the gadgets :(

  2. Indeed! It is time for Craig to do a real Bond film. ;)
    However, I would probably not get my hopes up...

  3. A 'real Bond film'? The best Bond films have often been those with a minimal use of gadgets, like: Dr No, From Russia With Love, On Her Majesty's Secret Service, For Your Eyes Only, Casino Royale, Quantum of Solace, and Skyfall for example.

    While the gadgets can be a fun part of the Bond formula, they are at their best when they support and don't supplant the story and characters. This happens when the gadgets are more on the believable than the fantastical end of the spectrum. It is a delicate balance but to me films like Thunderball, Live and Let Die, The Man with the Golden Gun, The Living Daylights, and Goldeneye achieve this balance. Some of the other Moore and Brosnan vehicles however trip over into cartoonish superhero territory when the gadgets go too far.

  4. I agree that From Russia, On Her Majesty, For Your Eyes and Casino Royale are in the top five list, although I wouldn't consider From Russia and Casino Royale to be films with a minimal use of gadgets.

    However, I do not see how you can rank Quantum as one of the best...

    It is time for Craig to do a classic Bond film in the sense that they bring at least some of the old formula back. For instance, Craig has so far never ended up with a girl at the end, both Q and Moneypenny were absent in his two first and even though they tried hard with Skyfall, to bring the some of the old formula back, they tried a little too hard. Even though it is good, it is not one of the best. I think pretentious is the word.

    1. SPOILER ALERT: Seems to me that Spectre gives you everything you asked for in your last paragraph Mr. Sterling.