6 Aug 2016

Bond's rental cars - Hertz and Avis

Diamonds are forever

When Bond is renting a car in Las Vegas for him and Tiffany Case, he turns to the car rental company Hertz in Diamonds are Forever. He waits for Tiffany just outside the Hertz office. Although this is not the first time that Bond has rented a car, it is the first time that a rental car company featured rather prominently in one of the films. In Dr. No Bond drives up to Miss Taro in a rented blue Sunbeam Alpine. This rental car was however organized by Bond's hotel, where he also receives the keys, and an car rental office is never seen in the film.

In Diamonds are Forever, the Hertz office was located at No. 2310 South Las Vegas Boulevard, just opposite the Holiday Motel and Bagdad Inn. Bond's rental car in the film is a Ford Galaxie 500.

Hertz is an American company that was founded in 1918 and is the largest car rental company in the world.

Tomorrow Never Dies 

When Bond arrives at the Hamburg airport, he approaches the Avis counter to pick up his "rental car", only to be greeted by Q in an Avis uniform. Bond gets his new BMW 750iL by Q and a new Ericsson telephone with modifications in the following scene, actually filmed in an hangar at Stansted Airport in the UK. Very little is seen of the Avis counter at Hamburg Airport. On Q's name tag, his name is stated to be Quentin Quigley.

 "Mein büro hat ein auto reserviert"

"-Will you need collision coverage? 
    -Yes. "
Q is called Quentin Quigley as the Avis employee in the film
After a car chase through the Atlantic Hotel's car park, Bond crashes the car through the wall on the top floor and it finally ends up inside the Avis car rental office in Hamburg.

When Q demonstrates Bond's new phone, part of the Avis rental form is seen. This form is part of the "Bond in Motion" exhibition that currently tours the world. The Avis form, as well as Q's jacket from the film and a model of the BMW crashing into the Avis office, is part of the exhibition and could be seen on display at the London exhibition in 2014.

Like Hertz, Avis is an American company and actually the first car rental business to be located at an airport. It was founded in 1946 and the slogan "We try harder" was adopted in the 1960's, to make a more positive reference of Avis' status as the second largest car rental company in the United States at the time, second after Hertz. That slogan stayed with the company for 50 years before the re-branding took place in 2012.


However, where Melina Havlock rented her Citroën 2CV in For Your Eyes Only still remains a mystery.

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