4 Apr 2012

Mitchel's apartment

After Mr White has escaped in Italy, Bond is back in London to pick up the leads. M is waiting for Bond in a rainy London and they meet in the apartment of M's bodyguard Mitchel, who had turned out to be a double agent. Mi6 have the perimeter sealed off and Bond is driven to the house in a Range Rover. The building, one out of three identical, can be found in central London on Edgware road. The buildings are located in a gated development with luxury apartments called The Water Gardens.

The entrance where the Range Rover is stopping and Bond walks past the other agents from Mi6 can also be found on location. You have the best view over the entrance from Norfolk Crescent and from this side you can identify the balcony on which M is standing, namely the balcony on the 6th floor (out of 10). Notice the replaced white mosaic tiles to the left below M. If Mitchel could afford the apartment on a regular salary from Mi6 is unknown. A two bedroom apartment in Water Gardens would probably cost somewhere between £ 800.000-1.200.000 so it is likely that  some of the money comes from the Quantum organisation. Of course the interior scenes of the apartment were shot in the studios.

M is looking out over a rainy London

From M's balcony you get a brief glimpse over the neighborhood. Here you see some typical English houses. These can be found on the adjacent street Sussex Gardens and many of the buildings are small hotels. Sussex Gardens intersects with Edgware road and Mitchel's building is the one closest to the intersection.

Even the scene with Bond's Range Rover driving into the tunnel was filmed here. This short tunnel is located directly beneath the three buildings and leads up to the glass door where Bond is entering. It is a gated community so you can not drive into the premises unless you are a tenant. It may be worth to sneak in, in order to get in to the house and corridor where Craig is walking in the film, but like Leiter says in Dr No: The Limies can be pretty touchy about trespassing...
The Water Gardens can be found 159-169 Edgware Road. The easiest way to get there is to take the tube to Marble Arch and walk along Edgware Road. You will see the buildings emerge on the left hand side. Mitchel's apartment (or balcony) is located on the 6th floor in the building closest to Sussex Gardens.

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